"...'Come and see.'

They came and saw."

(John 1)


And thus, we have the meeting of the Holy and All-praised Andrew, the First-called of the Apostles.


The Orthodox Church is a body of believers: fifteen self-governing churches sharing a common faith, liturgical and sacramental tradition, and history beginning in Jerusalem, approximately 33 A.D.

St. Andrew's

Orthodox Church

The First Called

The Holy Apostle Andrew the First-Called was the first of the Apostles to follow Christ, and he later brought his own brother, the holy Apostle Peter, to Christ.  (John 1:35-42).

Upcoming Celebrations:

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November 15 - Nativity Fast Begins

November 21 - Entrance of the Theotokos

December 25 - Nativity

January 1 - Circumcision of Our Lord

Januray 6 - Theophany